General Taiwan Super Junior fans wish Super Junior big success for their comeback!

Something special happened on May 5th as the large LED display of Galleria Department Store in Seoul, Apgujeong showed a message from Super Junior fans, wishing their idols big success on their impending comeback!

This special event was made possible by Super Junior fans from Taiwan as they bought over a timeslot from the department store at 7pm on May 5th and displayed a message in Chinese that read, “今年五月! SJ 4輯大發!‘ which literally mean that they wish big success for Super Junior’s 4th album this May!

This unusual event certainly attracted the attention of netizens and those walking on the streets. I wonder if this will start off another trend among the fans.

Donghae apparently got wind of this special event and went directly to the scene, taking a picture as a memory and thanked fans for their support.

He said, “I am really suprised and impressed by this special event, and their love and devotion towards us. I know they expect great music from us and we will work hard to repay them on stage.”

Super Junior will unleash their teaser on the 7th before releasing their album next week on the 13th before beginning their promotions.

Many thanks to 13elieve for the tip.



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