Suju Eunhyuk, “Chuseok’s holiday greeting” together with his dog in traditional hanbok costume

Super Junior member Eunhyuk gave his holiday greetings together with his dog in a hanbok costume.

Eunhyuk tweeted on the 22th September, “Our country’s inherent festival (,) Chuseok!!!! Really, (we) should wear traditional hanbok during Chuseok in order to have the taste (of the festival)!!! ^.^ It’s been a long time since I returned home and had fun~ Everyone (,) have a happy and fun time~” together with a photo.

In the photo, Eunhyuk who’s wearing a cap sideways had a smile on, and especially his dog “Choco” who’s wearing a traditional hanbok, attracted attention.

After seeing the photo, fans reacted “Choco with a hanbok on is so adorable”, “The big eyed Choco really resembles Eunhyuk” etc.

Korean to chinese translation: 爱上李赫宰双眸的W @
Chinese to english translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET


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