Choi Siwon and Park Hanbyul revealed wedding photos

Choi Siwon’s Super Junior and Park Hanbyul reavealed wedding photos.

During the recording of SBS ‘Oh! My Lady’, Choi Siwon and Park Hanbyul were filming together for wedding concept.

In this drama, Top star Sung Minwoo (casted by Choi Siwon) and his first love designer Hong Yura (casted by Park Hanbyul) both in tuxedo and dress in this scene.

In this scene, Yura asked Minwoo for wearing the tuxedo she designed herself. Minwoo pretended not to try on at first, but finally he wore it. He was dazed by seeing Yura in wedding dress appeared at the same time.

During the recording, they both, who experienced onstage, were be able to reveal professional image clearly. The staff said that they looked ‘like a couple of April’.

Lee Jung Him, the producer of ‘Oh! My Lady’ expressed “With the professional working of actors, it makes the filming today be full of enjoyment. The photos remind me the album photo shooting.” Added, “especially the previous kiss scene between Minwoo and Khaehwa, but now he is in wedding suit with Yura. How does this situation turn out? Everyone, please stay tune in this drama.”

This scene is broadcasted on April 19, 2010.

Source: Pingbook
Translated by:
Take out with full credit


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