Kim Heechul, “I Am Legend” special cameo appearance, appeared as Madonna band fan

Super Junior Kim Heechul made a special cameo appearance on SBS drama series “I Am Legend”

On the 20th broadcast of the SBS Monday & Tuesday drama “I Am Legend” EP15, Kim Heechul appeared using the image of meeting the radio DJs from “Come Back Madonna” band.

“Come Bank Madonna” band is an interview of the radio station, for their first interview, the radio DJs of the radio station met Kim Heechul coincidentally under an amazing situation.

The author first recognized the popular artist Kim Heechul, “Here, can I have your autograph?” and asked more about the members while having an autograph from him. “Isn’t it Come Back Madonna band? I’m a fan.” “Next time, we’ll have a chance to meet again in programs.” Having said this, and becomes the popularity ambassador for “Come Back Madonna” band.

In Super Junior, Kim Heechul is also the popular idol star who touched the fans and has the most diversification. Expressing his unique talent and humour, and with his natural acting. Creating a laughter ocean even in a short span of cameo appearance. Kim Heechul’s overflowing acting talent definitely helped made the drama more interesting.
Watch Heechul’s special cameo appearance here!


Korean to chinese translation: 伊丽 @
Chinese to english translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET



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  1. i want it lol!!!!!!

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