Suju Eunhyuk, reason for going America again “Feel like eating hotdogs”

Super Junior Eunhyuk wants to go to America again because of (their) hotdogs.

On the 13th, Eunhyuk stated in his twitter “kekekekekeke (,) if (I) were to go to the America again (,) I want to eat the hotdogs (there). I think I’m crazy, it just had a different taste (from the ones here)” tagged along with a photo.

Wearing a red checkered cap together with a white sleeveless top (,) Eunhyuk with eyes opened wide, had a mouth full of hotdogs. It shows the image of him eating the delicious hotdog during the visit to LA for the SMTOWN concert.

Fans who saw the photo on Eunhyuk’s twitter responded “Is it that delicious?”, “I feel hungry just by looking at the way you eat”, “If you go(there) again, it must be due to work (schedule)! Why not I make an American style hotdog for you?” etc.


Korean to chinese translation: 小W
Chinese to english translation: ~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET



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