SUJU’s China fans “700m poster” present

The surrounding walls of the Shanghai concert venue attract attention.

In order to show their support for boy band Super Junior, the venue of the Shanghai concert was decorated with a big 700m poster, garnering the interests of those who attended the concert. SM Entertainment, who organized ‘SM Town Live ’10 World Tour’ in Shanghai, was held at the Hongkou Stadium. The fans specially made the banner in Pearl Sapphire Blue colours, and decorated it with hearts and also used both Chinese and Korean words for ‘to believe, to stick together, to never break up and to never give up.”

Super Junior fans expressed that when they knew SM Town was going to be held in Shanghai, they wanted to prepare a ‘special present’, and therefore thought of the idea of having such a huge poster. Because of their love for Super Junior, they used 10 pieces of 70m posters, and then had these posters joined together, creating the 700m poster. As for the posters, fans in Korea commented, “only fans in China can pull this off.’ Super Junior’s company, SM Entertainment also stated that, “when the artists arrive at the venue, they will definitely see the 700m poster, and also added that Super Junior will definitely feel surprised by the fans hard work.”

Source: Nate News

Shared by: ecaloveskyuhee
Korean-Chinese Translation: Heechul’s baidu bar
Chinese-English Translation: ミ mholic ★

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