Idol group Super Junior member Kim Heechul on fans who criticize too much.

On the 21 of August, Kim Heechul wrote on his twitter on fans who, in order to support their own idols, put down other idols. Some fans would write, “this is the difference between our oppa and XX. To have the ability to change into a devil, yet, be an angel at the same time.” These words are definitely looked down upon.

Another example is those who,”says words that can be very matured, but is actually hiding behind a façade. The outer appearance may be pure and innocent, but when hidden, it can be dangerous.” And “those who hold a knife on the hand, and will criticize everyone.”

“No matter who you are supporting, to others, it may be a ‘thank you’, but to the rest, it may be a ‘X kyou’. Ah, have been addicted to rap these days, so let’s start with this, “these kind of fans, that kind of fans, they are all my fans. To say such things to cover up everything, but am not a plastic wrap, I do not need to cover up anything. While some people are being pulled down for me to rise above all, this is not my kind of thing. Protect what you need to, but at the same time, be happy about it.”

After seeing the posts that Heechul wrote, netizens expressed their agreement, and commented like, “indeed, a model idol,” “there need to be a more matured fan culture round.” Heechul also said, “Please take note next time. Hating fans and even idols doesn’t only take place one or two times.”

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Chinese-English translation: ミ mholic ★


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