Han Geng reveals difficult lifestyle in the past

Ex-Super Junior Chinese member, Hangeng’s hometown of Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang often drops below -40°C (-40°F) during the winter, yet he laughed and said “The wind was like knives scraping (your) face,” he was still filled with pride, “(It’s) very beautiful. There are forests, mountains, lakes, and the snow comes up to (your) waist during the winter, (you) can have snowball fights.” His years have been filled with many hardships, however he gritted his teeth and fought through.

Though Hangeng was chosen by SM Entertainment before he graduated high school, it was a year before he received the notice to leave for training. During that year, he danced with various Beijing dance troupes and even went to Shenzhen to search for employment. He said with a smile, “(I) was constantly thinking about how to earn money everyday.” An entire afternoon of dancing could only earn him NT$300 (~$9.50 USD). Because of the instability of his job, in order to save money, he roomed with a friend in a tiny room of a two bedroom home. Hangeng said bitterly, “Before it was a room for raising the dog. The space was tiny and smelled of feces and urine. Even after three days of scrubbing, the smell still lingered.” Yet, the rent was NT$4000 (~$126.50 USD) per month.

Despite language barriers, Hangeng courageously headed to South Korea. When he thought about it, “Because of the economic situation at home, (I) had to take the chance.” However, at long last, the hard times are over. With the money he earned, he opened a dumpling restaurant for his mother, hoping that his parents can live a better life in the future; and is now happily promoting his first solo album.

Original Source: UDN
Translation by: Zahra @ Cpopaccess.com
Shared by Zunjiwu @ sj-world.net


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