SuJu’s Donghae in a Boeing sunshade, showing his sexy side.

After the SMTown concert in LA has ended, Super Junior’s Donghae expressed his thoughts about it.

Donghae wrote on the 7th of September that he was “very happy about the concert and would like to thank LA, and also he will work hard in the future,” accompanied by a picture.

In the picture, it shows Donghae wearing a Boeing sunshade, one hand resting on the seat, with some of his loose buttons hanging from his t-shirt, looking at the camera in a charismatic way.

The fans left comments on Donghae’s twitters like, “going to LA is a big thing”, “Ah, why is oppa so handsome?” and “it’s so handsome my heart is melting.”

On the other hand, “SM TOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR IN LA” commenced on the 4th of September (local time) in LA’s Staples Centre, receiving warm welcomes from the fans. In this concert, Kangta, BoA, U-know Yunho, Max Changmin, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, F(x), TRAX, Kim Min Jong, Lee Yeon Hee, Ara and others SM entertainment artists.

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Korean-Chinese Translation:
Chinese-English Translation: ミ mholic ★


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