SJ Shindong “Continued games even after pants got wet” The spirit for variety shows

Super Junior who guested on SBS E! TV <PD’s Variety World> recently became a hot topic.

Mblaq who guested on the first episode maintained their friendship with Shin Jeonghwan PD, and also wished to learn the art for variety shows from the variety idols SJ, Super Junior members upon returning back from Japan knew about the news, immediately went to participate in <PD’s Variety World> thus showing enthusiasm for the program, in the program (,) SJ and Mblaq which were divided into Yesung team and Shindong team began reality games (and) started the survival game of covering (the) head with thick blankets before running to snatch the pillows at their front.

Due to the fact that (they were) covered up with blankets, the team members were (feeling) hot and tired, PD only disclosed the penalty rule to them when the game was coming to an end.

The rule for the penalty is to use ice cubes which were prepared for the cold but perspiring with sweat bodies to conduct the punishment. In the game Shindong has to undergo the penalty, (the) ice cubes had to go down to the pants, Shindong’s bottom part was all wet (as a result). However under the circumstances of the wet buttock (,) Shindong still continued with the games, his performance was filled with fighting spirit for variety show senses.


Korean to chinese translation: suju老窝吧
Chinese to english translation: ~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Shared by: wiwyl @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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