Shindong, challenging the character of a judo exponent in the drama “Doctor Champ”

Super Junior member Shindong’s character as a judo exponent has been revealed.

On the afternoon of September 7, Shindong uploaded a photo on his Twitter, which was taken at the filming site of the SBS drama “Doctor Champ”, confirming his participation in the drama.

While receiving an interview from OSEN, a representative from SME revealed that Shindong would be playing the character of the judo exponent Kang Wooram on “Doctor Champ”. He also went on to mention that Shindong is currently doing the judo practices diligently, and hopes that everyone can see a different side of Shindong through the character of a judo exponent.

The storyline of “Doctor Champ” is set in the Taereung Athlete’s Village, depicting the clashes and reconciliation between the national athletes and the doctors who are responsible in treating them. It is a sports medicine-themed drama that is filled with friendship and romance, and the first broadcast would be on the 27th of September, being the successor to “I Am Legend” (Naneun Jeonseolida).

Original Article: OSEN
Source: Shindong’s Baidu Bar
Credits to SJ家族 ( & Menglong
Korean to Chinese translation by SJF.嘉敏 @ SJ家族
Chinese to English translation by eternalsnow @

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