Hangeng does not mind having a naked scene in a movie

Hangeng does not mind having a naked scene in a movie

Hangeng cheats during a game, and even cooked dumplings for Gengfans*! Recently, Hangeng participated in the recording of Channel [V]’s “就是爱JK**”. Besides dancing with his good friend Ken Wu, the host of the show, he also answered to Gengfans’ questions. He showed no idol pride at all. However, while playing Charades, Hangeng cheated a little and he had to cook dumplings for Gengfans as a punishment.

Previously, Ken Wu had interviewed Super Junior before and hence became good friends with Hangeng. When he saw Hangeng, he immediately asked him about his health and Hangeng said he had recovered from his flu but his throat was still feeling itchy. Both of them also talked about Hangeng’s album Geng Xin. Ken Wu said that the kitty dance of 飞蛾扑火(Fire) gave him a deep impression. However, a Gengfan quickly corrected him and said that it is the tiger dance. Then, Hangeng said, “Actually, I was thinking about Hello Kitty dance” and made a Hello Kitty pose, which was ver cute and adorable. Hangeng also taught Ken Wu 飞蛾扑火 dance moves.

Gengfans grabbed this oppurtunity to ask Hangeng some questions. When asked about his ideal girl, he said he does not have any particular ideal type, but she must be kind and can take care of a family. When questioned about what challenges he would like to face in the future, Hangeng said in a serious manner that he would like to act in movies and that he really admires actors like Tony Leung. But he admitted that he did not have much experiences in acting and wishes to have a chance to meet a good director, and script, and learn from there. Ken Wu then asked him about his opinion about acting in movies like “Lust, Caution” (hinting him about naked scenes), Hangeng answered that he is fine with it as long as the movie is a good one.

*Hangeng’s fans are called Gengfans.
**The name of the show.

Original source: TOM娱乐
English Translation: EVANGELINEZXC @ Super-Legacy.com
cr: shayne kay@dkpopnews.net
Posted by: ♫卢美安♥@SJ-World.net


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