Show brings authentic Taiwan to Hangeng

Show brings authentic Taiwan to Hangeng

Ex-Super Junior member, Hangeng, came to Taiwan for his first solo album, Geng’s Heart, and, in one breath, recorded 3 episodes of 100% Entertainment, hosted by Show Luo. In order to entertain his good friend, Show bought fried steamed buns (水煎包), scallion pancakes (蔥抓餅), mung bean soup (綠豆湯), marinated foods, and more so that Hangeng can experience authentic Taiwanese food. In the end, it didn’t even take NT$300 (~$9.37) to accomplish the job.

On the day of recording, as soon as Hangeng arrived on set, he was dragged by Show to the lounge to catch up for half-an-hour. They became good friends after filming a commercial together in Tailand last year. By night time, for dinner, Show had prepared numerous Taiwanese snacks and the two jokingly fed each other. Reporters teased Show about being too stingy, his retort was, “I didn’t buy just what I liked to eat. The main point is that these have the authentic Taiwanese taste.”
Original Source: Apple Daily
Translation by: Zahra @
Shared by: Zunjiwu @ SJ-WORLD.NET


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