Kim Heechul “Congratulation to the opening of Bandi Academy R&D Center”

[Newsen Reporter In Seonghu]

VOV’s Nail Brand , BANDI opened “Bandi Academy R&D Center” for their best of nailist training and made an opening ceremony for it on August 31 at 11:30 AM at Seoul Gangnam-gu Yuksamdong Bandi Academy R&D Center.

“Bandi Academy R&D Center” offers an established solution for successful business partner through a definitely 1:1 custom training system which has a differentiated and specialized curriculum for professional nailist.

Meanwhile, some well-known Bandi Manias such as Park Soojin, Byun Jungsoo, Kim Heechul, Lee Yeongeun, Baek Boram and Kim Saeroom has came to congratulate and participated in “Bandi Academy R&D Center” Launching

source NEWSEN
translated by ☆★pinkninja


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