Kangin, lost 10kg in the army “misses pig trotters, kimchi, ramyeon”

Due to violence and drinking incidents that appeared one after another, Super Junior member Kangin suddenly joined the army. When a video of him training seriously at the army training centre was broadcasted, it became a topic among the fans.

Staff at the army training centre posted on the 26th, in the ‘quality stories’ section a video of Kangin at the arm training centre, eating bread with comrades, looking skilled in doing needlework. Although he entered the army suddenly back then, he seemed to be of adapting well, and also brought about tears from everyone.

Kangin who lost 10kg after entering the army said “Never planned to not eat and diet, it’s the regular life in the army which is much better than just using the mind*.” During training, the food (I) wish to eat the most is “pig trotters, kimchi and ramyeon.” Kangin also stated “As the habit of eating supper is hard to change, during bedtime after reporting, really wish to eat.” “Now I often eat bread, it’s also alright.”

To be honest, after entering the army one’s energy is a lot better. “Army life has started, looks like (I) would be able to experience things of this world very well, sometimes (I) would also think of giving up, but it’s only for a moment” “But after two years, please anticipate the changed me, wouldn’t possibly give up.”

(He) also sent fans a thankful heart, Kangin said “During this period of training, received 1400 letters from the fans” “If there’s a chance, I would read these letters. If (I) was happy everyday, receiving letters from fans would feel meaningful.”

In addition “As there are people who anticipate for me, and give me memories, even if there were pain, (I) can endure” “Compared to my frail self, (I) will become more matured, like this I then qualify to receive and accept the people who love me, really wish to stand up once again.”

After joining the army, (Kangin) has become very cautious when facing any issue. Kangin said “Instead of saying ‘regret’ this word, why not say more ‘reflections’”, “When (I’m) able to accept, I then can face activities or everyone.”

Like this video, fans who have watched it said “Just like his name, become a strong man and come back”, “Joining the army would allow one to truly understand life, from a non-positive feeling to a positive one” “Waiting witnessed him turn into a real man.”

*meaning to constantly remind oneself to not eat in the mind during a diet

Source: Nate News
Korean > Chinese translation: sjgonghui.com
Chinese > English translation: bulletproof@ sj-world.net
Shared by sonethloveshizz at sj-world.net


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