Super Junior’s Kangin reveals his recent life and thoughts

Recent footage of Super Junior’s Kangin, at the army training center has been revealed through a community site on the 26th and has been attracting much attention amongst fans. The video shows snippets of his every day life, such as him eating bread with friends, sewing, and even a bit of a reveal on his thoughts regarding his sudden army enlistment.

Having lost 10 kg since his enlistment, Kangin stated, “As opposed to starving myself and dieting, leading a scheduled life with the right thoughts, naturally helped me become healthier.” When asked what he wanted to eat the most during his training, he answered, “Pork hocks, bossam, and ramen. It was hard for me to get rid of my snacking habits so I always thought of those three things when I laid down for sleep after roll call. It’s alright though. I eat a lot of  hardtack instead.”

Kangin also honestly revealed his feelings regarding his enlistment. “I suddenly felt that the world was moving on just fine without me after I began my army training. It made me want to give everything up. Still, I stopped thinking about giving up when I started picturing myself as a changed person in two years.”

As a message of thanks to his fans, Kangin concluded, “While I’m at the training center, I’ve received about 1,400 letters from fans. When I was a member of society, I thought that receiving letters and being supported was something definite. But now, it’s because of my fans’ letters that I’m able to live each day fully with a bright smile. I can handle any pain because I know that there are people that are waiting for me and remembering me. I want to stand back up as a person that has matured and is deserving of love.

When asked about his future plans and activities after he is discharged, he carefully replied, “Instead of regretting anything, I’m reflecting a lot on my actions. I think I’ll be able to greet everyone and return to my activities once I receive forgiveness from the mass public.

Fans have been showing a positive response to such news and have been showing their unending support in hopes that he will come back as a stronger man.



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