Dasom: “As compared to a lover, Heechul felt more like an older brother”

Girl group SISTAR’s Dasom and Super Junior’s Heechul’s photo when acting in an MV was revealed.On the 25th at
Seoul, there was a celebratory event for Sistar’s second single “Shady Girl”, and held a showcase. On this day, at the showcase, the “Shady Girl” MV feat. Super Junior’s Kim Heechul was revealed.

In the MV, Heechul and Sistar’s Dasom was acting as a couple. After the showcase, during the press conference, Dasom spoke truthfully about filming with Heechul in the MV: “Heechul sunbae always insist that he has a 10 years old age gap with us. As compared to the feeling of being lover, he felt more like my elder brother. During the whole process of filming, I kept holding onto a thankful attitude”

Credit: 百度sistar吧
Chinese translation: lingtingxuan
English translation: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com
Shared By: ❥──EVIL욱//★♫ @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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