Hangeng refused to be taken cared by an older female; admitting scolding people before

Reported by Chinanews on 19 August
On the 17, Hangeng went to record the variety show ‘SS Xiaoyan Night’ in Taiwan. Mentioning the female host in CCTV the previous day, Hangeng stated himself as a machismo, and that he couldn’t accept being taken care by a woman.

Hangeng had talked about his feelings during the show, and when the host Chang Xiaoyan mentioned about the beautiful host Hu Die, supporting him during the midst of his hardest time, she asked, “Do you accept sister-and-brother relationship*? Letting a older girl taking care of you?” Hangeng answered that he is a machismo, and can be very strong in times, and that he can’t accept being taken cared by other people. He even said, “If I sing, she has to clap for me; and I’ll take care of her, but she needs to listen to me.” And this made Chang Xiaoyan rather astonished by his words.

Having been said being gentle, and a not-so-strong appearance, Hangeng was being doubted whether he had tried scolding someone. He rebutted “Of course I had! Every man must had scold at someone before!” In the live recording, Chang Xiaoyan deliberately stepped on Hangeng’s white shoes, trying to make him scold her, but the boy just yelped for a few times, before kneeling down, mumbling “Oh the shoe is dirty.” Making Chang Xiaoyan a bit disappointed.

*Translated literally, meaning a relationship where the female side is older while the male is younger

Credits to Ent.qq
Shared by chunny@sj-world.net
Translated by 3unam@sj-world.net


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