Han Geng Donates RMB 100,000 for Chuanqu Tragedy

Han Geng’s Heart is with Chuanqu Even Though His Physical Self is in Taiwan, Donates RMB 100,000 to Charity

Excerpt: On 7th August 2010, a massive mudslide occurred at Chuanqu (county) of Gansu (province). The other day, according to the Red Cross Foundation of China’s news, Han Geng who is currently having promotions for his solo album 《庚心》 in Taiwan, made a donation amounting to RMB 100,000 (almost 15,000 USD) in order to be used for the search and rescue works in Chuanqu.

Main Article:

On the 7th of August, a massive mudslide occurred at Chuanqu of the Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Gansu. Up until 4PM of August 14, the mudslide had killed 1239 people, 505 were missing, 66 were hospitalized, and 1243 were rescued. At the moment, the Gansu county has its water and electricity supply cut off, and the communication was also down. They desperately need a lot of relief materials, and the search and rescue mission has started.

Han Geng wore an armband which had the words “Solidarity with Chuanqu” on it throughout his press conference and fanmeeting sessions in Taiwan, and even lead all the audience present to pray for Chuanqu before starting off the sessions, and observed a minute’s silence for their fellow citizens who fell victim (to the mudslide). Today, the Red Cross Foundation of China has confirmed that Han Geng had donated RMB 100,000 (almost 15,000 USD) at the first time, in order to be used for the search and rescue works in Chuanqu.

Han Geng, who is viewed as an idol and role model by many youngsters, had called out to his fans numerous times through his personal spaces*, and asked them to donate the money collected to buy gifts for him for charity purposes instead, turning these into love, in order to help those people who are really in need. As someone who has been involved in charitable works all this while, Han Geng would always personally contribute his strength in public welfare. As Han Geng’s fanclub, Geng fans also has a very good tradition of doing charity work. Every year, Han Geng’s fans would pool their resources, and do their best to perform charity work as a gift to their idol. In addition, they also hope that everyone could work together and contribute everyone’s strength, so that this love could be passed on continuously.

Source: Sina
Translated by eternalsnow @ sj-world.net
Shared by chunny @ sj-world.net

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