Hangeng gets caught lip-syncing at press conference

Hangeng gets caught lip-syncing at press conference

Former Chinese Super Junior member, Hangeng, arrived in Taiwan yesterday to promote his solo album, Geng’s Heart. He came out handsomely with his upbeat song, “My Logo,” at the beginning of the press conference. However, it was obvious that he was lip-syncing. His explanation was that he had caught a cold, “My voice has been purulent in the past few days and must carry medication at all times.” Yet, later, he performed live for his slower song, “Heartache Notebook.”

Yesterday, he was asked about the progress of his lawsuit with SM, to which he replied, “I am not too clear about it, I gave it to my lawyer to handle.” Du Hua, the CEO of the Chinese record company aiding him in the lawsuit and production of the album, Yue Hua Music, revealed that both sides were hoping for a settlement; However, because of this, Geng’s Heart will not be released in Korea temporarily. Regarding the critical words of his former group-mate, Kyuhyun, Hangeng quietly denied it, saying that when the two worked together, “there wasn’t much conflict.”

In regards to going from 13 member to fighting by himself, Hangeng stated, “There was some pressure in the beginning, but I can adapt well. I still like this (soloing).” When asked whether his fans have decreased after going solo, he answered, “More or less, but my fans treat me very well. I haven’t had many opportunities to see them in the first half of the year, but they still collectively raised money for relief work spurring me on to be better.” As for whether his income has increased, he tacitly replied with a smile, “There were 13 people before, now there is only me.”

In addition to being sick, he also revealed that, for his album, he lost 7kg in two weeks. Besides throwing up whenever he was nervous due to his stomach illness, he admitted to purposely losing weight. “I was a lot fatter before because I was much happier after coming home. Mom would make delicious dishes for me to eat.” For a time he was up to 75kg and couldn’t stand to see it himself.

For Hangeng’s first arrival to Taiwan since going solo, around 300 fans proceeded towards Sungshan airport to great him. Carrying fans with the word “Geng” written on them, they sang “Love’s Wings” together to welcome him. “Their love is my wings, giving me strength to overcome the wind and rain.” Many fans burst out crying in excitement when they saw their idol after so long.

Last night, he held a fan meeting and sang “Moths to Flames” and four other new songs before playing games with fans. The tickets for the activity ranged from from NT$900 (~28USD) to NT$2800 (~88USD). The organizers reported that 90% of the tickets were sold, but there were only about a thousand fans at the event, adding up to 70% of the seating. Using NT$1800 as the average ticket price, he made NT$1,800,000 (~56,408USD).

Yesterday, China was in mourning for the victims of Zhouqu, Gansu’s landslide and had suspended all entertainment activities for a day. However, Hangeng had already set the date for promotions in Taiwan. Instead, he had an encouraging sticker on his arm that said “Work towards a common goal with Zhou Qu” and donated 100,000RMB (~14,717USD) to the disaster relief. During the fan meeting, he lead fans in observing a minute of silence for prayers for the victims.

In related news, Hangeng revealed that he rejected going on One Million Singer, giving the excuse that he was afraid that he would not be familiar with the songs, that he was still weak, “(I) am afraid that I would be eliminated in the first round.”

Original Source: Appledaily
Credits to: Zahra @ Cpopaccess.com
Reuploaded and Shared by: Zunjiwu @ SJ-WORLD.NET


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