Choi Siwon falls during Super Show 3 due to an accident – Han Geng calls for attention towards ZhouQu victims

Korea’s Super Junior (SJ) held their first concert of their Asia tour in Seoul. But in yesterday’s last act, member Choi Siwon had an accident and fell. How embarrassing!

Popular Korean idol group SJ started their 3rd Asian tour, with the first 2 concerts (starting the day before yesterday) held in Seoul, attracting over 20,000 fans. 2PM member Nichkhun and SNSD member YoonA also went to spectate. 10 members opened the show by <<Sorry, Sorry>> and even being hung by a wire to allow less distance between them and the fans. The concert also used 3D technology, placing the image of Kangin who is in the army right now, on stage performing with his bandmates.

SJ, who loves dressing up crazily, didn’t lack in humour once again. They dressed up as Lady GaGa and Beyonce to perform and brought unlimited surprises. However, their original intention was to dress up as female idol group Orange Caramel, unfortunately the idea was taken by 2PM first. Yesterday in their last performance, member Choi Siwon unluckily fell on stage. Fortunately, he recovered instantly and continued performing professionally, no severe injuries were caused. The Asian tour will go to Hong Kong, Beijing, Taipei and 13 other areas to perform.

Han Geng calls out to Natural Disaster area

On the other hand, Han Geng the Chinese member who has started solo activities ever since his lawsuit with SM Entertainment, after finishing his fan meeting in Shanghai, arrived in Taiwan yesterday. Many fans were there to greet him at his arrival and part of them was very emotional. Although he was sick, Han Geng immediately attended a press conference in the afternoon, starting a week-full marathon of promotion. On his arms stuck a “同舟共济*” slogan, attracting attention to the victims of the ZhouQu disaster.

*meaning “everybody is on the same boat”

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