Hundreds of Chinese Fans Go to Korea for Super Junior’s Seoul Concerts

This afternoon, the departure hall of Shanghai’s Pudong international airport welcomed nearly 200 people who were in a tour group going to Korea, what was different was that the members of this group were mostly young girls born in the 1980s and 1990s. According to authorities on 10 August there were three to four similar groups that had already departed.

The Korean group Super Junior, which has taken Asia by storm, will hold concerts in Seoul on 14 and 15 August, at the time Chinese fan groups will join with Korean fan groups to cheer for and provide support for Super Junior. This time the fans leaving from Pudong airport were mainly from the areas of Jiangsu province, Zhejiang province and Shanghai, they would be staying in Korea for seven days to watch Super Junior’s concert and at the same time they would also do sightseeing around Korea. They revealed that in all there are more than 1,000 fans from every part of the country who are departing from different airports and ports for Seoul, travel agencies have taken the opportunity to offer semi-independent tours as a way to offer a convenient and safe way to travel to Korea.

In this tour group of mainly young people, there were also a few older middle-aged males and females. They are the parents of the younger children in the group, because they are concerned about the safety of their children as they go overseas for the first time, they decided to accompany them and at the same time they can also take the opportunity to travel to Korea.

Translated by:
take out with full credit


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