BoA and Eunhyuk are still awkward

Ever since BoA said on Twitter that she would like to become closer friends with Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, I think these two have been trying hard to achieve their goal.

BoA visited Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio on the 12th and took quite awkward pictures withEunhyuk after the show ended.

She is shaking hands with him which is very different from the affectionate ways BoA treats other SuperJunior members. They even cracked up because the situation was too awkward to bear.

SuKiRa uploaded this photo and wrote, “Eun and BoA’s hand shaking. 3 set. You can feel the awkwardness from the picture. With everyone’s request, they did put their hands on each other’s shoulders but it was still awkward.”

Fans commented,

“I hope the two become closer friends.”
“They are being shy which is very cute.”
“Are they really this awkward?”

I think they’re cuter because they’re awkward.



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