Zhou Mi opens up a new route, Taking up a new challenge as an actor in

Zhou Mi opens up a new route, Taking up a new challenge as an actor in <Youth Melody>

Unsure if SJ-M will still get together without Han Geng, Zhou Mi and Henry, who are not part of SJ, have been out of the spotlight for more than half a year, just as we are all worried about their futures, on the latest <Youth Melody> Press Conference, Zhou Mi finally appeared as an actor, still as handsome and elegant as ever, long time no see, that Gentleman Mimi.

Zhou Mi who appeared in a black suit at the press conference, joked about bringing the image of the arrogant 2nd generation rich boy out of the show. Zhou Mi who hasn’t appeared in front of the audience for a long time, his first attempt in acting, although he isn’t the lead character, in front of senior idol Leo Ku and Dream of the Red Chamber’s new star Yang Yang he is in no way inferior to them, and instead of saying this so-called “rich 2nd generation” image is a challenge to Zhou Mi, one might as well say it’s a character that can be perfected with practice, and Zhou Mi’s original handsome appearance and aristocratic temperament will make it very convincing.

As a representative of a student graduating from performing arts, we can see that Zhou Mi’s debut and road to fame is not just because of his luck, but also because of his artistic talent and his own perseverance. He stood out in <Tiao Zhan Zhu Chi Ren*>, caught many people’s attention in many singing competitions, in SJ-M, while he may not be as experienced as the rest he still silently insists in presently the best of himself, and now challenging himself again, acting in the drama, we have no reason not to anticipate his performance.

To the fans who like Zhou Mi, he is like the model student who gets first in school every year, never ever letting anyone down, no matter in which subject, he’s always able to put up an outstanding performance, always excelling in everything. <Youth Melody> is Zhou Mi’s latest result after SJ-M for us, this forever 100 boy will definitely see the day when when everyone gives him thumbs up and praises once again.

* – The CCTV Hosting Competition that Zhou Mi took part in 2006, directly translated to be Challenge Host

source here
translated by exultation @ SJ-WORLD.NET


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