Hangeng《My Logo》MV premiere

Hangeng《My Logo》MV premiere, scenes shot in America, MJ dance team joins in

MV Opening

MV Shooting

Hangeng’s Handsomeness

Special made microphone

Hangeng《Geng Xin》album’s main track《My logo》MV premieres today, this MV took much calling to be aired and is entirely shot in America. Michael Jackson’s dance team was also invited to join in, wholeheartedly creating Hangeng’s first step into the world.

In《My logo》MV, everyone would be able to see Michael Jackson《This is it》movie’s dance choreographer Travis Payne and the dance team. Hangeng is the only artiste the team has worked with other than Michael. They originally did not wish to work with any other artiste as michael was already the king of the world. However after seeing Hangeng’s dance, they decided to work with Hangeng, and stated that the only reason for this overseas collaboration is only because he is Hangeng.

This MV called《My logo》of course would not not have Hangeng’s LOGO. This LOGO was designed by an American designer for Hangeng, it is made up of H and G, the first two characters of Hangeng’s name, simple and powerful, without additional decorations, showing Hangeng’s simple nature, (ability to) grow without restrictions, be sculpted easily and his endless possibilities.

Source: Sina
Translation: bulletproof@ sj-world.net


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