“Youth Melody” 2 news articles

《Youth Melody》starts filming , Kim Heechul guests as foreign student

On 9th of August 2010, CNTV’s 8 episode drama 《Youth Melody》held it’s press conference, main actor Leo Ku, ShiYa, YangYang, JiangMengJie, MaShu, Kim Heechul, ZhouMi, WuHaoKang and more appeared in groups. 《Youth Melody》talks about the story of university graduates setting up businesses, placing attention on the hot issue about “university graduates unable to get jobs or have jobs with low pay, hence having to live in the city together”. It is set to air on CNTV in October.

Kim Heechul appears in white shirt, speaks Chinese. ZhouMi turns into son of rich family

Due to Kim Heechul’s special appearance《Youth Melody》has become even more lively. The crew revealed that there were a few hundred fans following along from when they went to pick him up at the airport. Many of the fans have rushed down from overseas. Most of them specially came down from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other countries. Although this posed a challenge to the filming, they are very thankful for the snacks and gifts from the fans.

Zhoumi appeared in a black suit and laughed saying that this is a continuation his look in the show. “In the show I’m acting as an arrogant son of a rich family” Whereas Kim Heechul appeared in a disorderly designed white sleeved shirt and a long necklace that resembled brambles hanging around his neck. He greeted everyone in Chinese. As he had a live radio show that night, Kim Heechul quickly appeared for a moments before rushing back to the airport. During this trip to Beijing, there was no need for Heechul to avoid the fans and media, he openly went to WangFuJing to shop and try out old BeiJing snacks. He even played “scissors paper stone” with the staff, competing to see who would have to eat the roasted scorpions.

Television drama《Youth Melody》had a dazzling start to it’s filming, entire set was filled with the feeling of youth

Upon hearing that there would be Korea’s popular artiste Kim HeeChul in the show, MaShu was at first unfamiliar, but after being in《Chang Hua》’s drama team, quite a few of the young staff were Kim Heechul fans, and he even learnt Sorry Sorry’s dance from them, Ma Su laughed and said it is “fate”, he must find the chance to learn the original dance from Heechul himself too.

It’s time to talk about “popularity king of hundred thousands” Kim Heechul, this mischievous energetic boy is Korea’s Super Junior’s main member, in a crowd of 80, 90 he had a wide influence, the crew who went to pick him up at the airport had a shock: there were already a few hundred fans waiting there for hours, strongly and neatly gathered together in groups, after some asking around, other than those who have rushed down from all parts of the country, there were also those who specially came down from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other countries to pick him up. From then on, wherever Kim Heechul went, his fans would follow after him, this posed as quite a big challenge to the crew, however they are still very thankful for the fans giving everyone snacks and small gifts.

Actually, there are still many interesting behind-the-scenes stories, for example Super Junior-M’s handsome guy Zhou Mi who acts as a typical son of a rich family was forced to hide his identify at the start by his father in order to train him, the effects were the opposite, he truly grew up through working hard with fellow students, and in the end made a decision which made everyone look at him in a different light, that was to follow his call, join the army.

*Only Heechul & ZhouMi related parts were translated

Source: SohuSina
Translation: bulletproof@ sj-world.net


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