Suju Heechul, DJ DOC – struggle of the sunbae? “Appointed as the Mafia boss” attracting laughter.

Suju Heechul & members of DJ D.O.C who recently just made their comeback showed the online fans a very interesting photo.

Recently Suju member Shindong uploaded a photo of Heechul and members of DJ D.O.C on his twitter which attracted the attention of fans.

In the middle of the photo, Heechul was sitting comfortably in the chair, (and) looked like the leading man of DJ D.O.C; DJ D.O.C on the other hand looked like servants fanning with the fan. Not only that, Kim Chang Ryul & Jung Jae Yong looked like Heechul’s bodyguards by the sides firmly protecting (him).

Shindong who’s together (with them) said “The man in the middle is not Shindong, it’s our D.O.C~ DJ~! Photo of Ha Neul-hyung, Chang Ryul-hyung, Jae Yong-hyung struggling of the senior* “The words that were tagged (together with the photo) were very interesting.

The photo attracted comments from fans such as “This kind of struggling of the senior* photo is really interesting”, “Having a sunbaenim of 15 years age gap to fan for you, how’s the feeling ah?”, “Heechul looked like he’s from a mafia gang, (it’s) really interesting.”

* the chinese phrase used was somehow weird but the rough meaning is like a junior making fun of the senior and thus, struggle of the senior.

Source: here

Korean to chinese translation: 金坏澈 @【shiningstar宝蓝世界】
Chinese to english translation: ~♡ 혁-fied @

Take out with full credits.


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