Boa’Rice wine time A SA’, SuJu Kyuhyun wine drinking photos revealed

Boa uploaded a picture of her drinking wine with Super Junior’s Kyuhyun on her twitter.

Early morning on the 10th, Boa updated on her twitter “Rice wine time ^^ A SA~~~~~ ^^”, and included a picture taken with Super Junior’s Kyuhyun.

In the picture, Boa held a wine jug of rice wine in her hand, stood behind Kyuhyun and gave a mischievous pose, Kyuhyun infront of her had a smile on his face, arms crossed infront of his chest.

A senior and junior of the same company happy and harmonious together, the friendly atmosphere while drinking wine together is shown through the picture that is taken.

Fans gave replies like “Wish to have a drink with the two of them” “Don’t drink too much~”

On the other hand, Boa who has once again made a comeback after 5 years released her sixth album <Hurricane Venus> on the 5th this month, often updating her latest happenings on her newly opened twitter, showing closeness to her fans that she has not seen for a long time.

Source: Newsen
Korean > Chinese translation: 嘉敏@
Chinese > English translation: bulletproof@


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