“Geng Xin” brings a hot wave in Sales, Hangeng rebounds to first place

In this week’s G-music chart, Han Geng’s “Geng Xin” was placed first with 33% of total weekly sales and became the most eye catching work on the chart. Han Geng’s “Geng Xin” was simultaneously released through out Asia on July 27th. Due to limited promotions and cumulated number of days in sales, the album’s first week on the charts was not the best, as it was only placed at ninth. However, for a singer like Han Geng who has very popularity all through our Asia, how could the market reaction possibly be so low key? The truth has now proven that after a week of sales, Han Geng’s album is not only sold out in China, it also received similar results in Taiwan. This album’s astounding sales is due to on one hand Han Geng’s own extreme popularity and on the hand “Geng Xin’s” as a whole has absolutely high rage in its creation.

Although the regular procedures to create an pop album was used in the creation of “Geng Xin”, but the behind the scenes composition, production and promotion all showed a lot of effort and heart. First, composition and producers wise, 阿弟仔 (sorry, can’t spell his name ==), Yuan Weiren, Feng Wenshan, Zheng Nan, Cao Xuanbin, Wang Junya etc. are all very famous composers and producers, and the works they have given or have created for Han Geng are all designed especially for him, they not only show Han Geng’s advantage in music, but also discovered some never before discovered uniqueness in Han Geng’s music, and is able to all around give the listeners a fresh feeling.

The electric dance songs in “Geng Xin” were created by 阿弟仔 although it’s still not as detailed as the Korean productions, but in a whole is very high quality for a work of Mando-pop. As for the slow songs, although the creation process was also done in the traditional Mando-pop way, the songs win in that they are very fresh and unique. They are unique in that Han Geng has rarely ever performed songs of such style before, and these songs are able to maximize the exquisite side of Han Geng’s voice, and give listeners a very fresh feeling. Also, a lot of thought went in to the MV promotions of “Geng Xin”, especially the first three songs “Fire”, “Say No” and “Holding Umbrella” which a story to do with “Geng Xin” (*In this case meaning renewal) through a trilogy. The filming of the MV was even done in US, New Zealand, and Korea. One can almost say that in order to create an brilliant “Geng Xin”, no cost was spared. Promotions wise, although Han Geng’s fist Fan Meeting in Taiwan is not until August 15th, but due to the sales of the FM tickets, Han Geng was able to cause a wave in album sales without any promotions in Taiwan and became the champion of the week on the charts.

Translated by Windchime@geng-bao.net
Source: QQ Ent


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