Beijing concert a great success; commemorative T-shirts and poster leaded to a fight

Hangeng with staff

On 17,18 July, Hangeng held his own concert in Beijing. The atmosphere at the concert hall was very active and passionate, but still managed to be under control.

The organizer had been working hard on the preparation for this concert. During the two days, staffs had been standing under the sun since 9 in the morning, distributing commemorative T-shirt and posters to fans, while the fans were fighting to take more of them.

The concert would be started at 8, but the fans started lining up outside the stadium at 6, the whole process was excited yet orderly, showing that the organizer had planned well on this aspect, as well as the self-discipline of the fans.

The concert started when Hangeng broke out from a shell, meaning that Hangeng could get a new life, and will be moving to a new start. When Hangeng opened his wings, and flew towards the ceiling of the stadium, the hall was instantly filled with screaming. The whole concert was composed with powerful songs and dance, and to show Hangeng’s views towards different aspect of music, the concert included strings, percussion, performing without the socket plugged. Yuan Weiren even came up to the stage, singing the song he wrote ‘Heartache. Notebook’ with Hangeng. The performance with China National Symphony Orchestra had helped Hangeng to express his affectionate side, while the ‘unplugged’ interpretation showed the loud and clear vocal of Hangeng. At the same time, the fast songs which Hangeng collaborated with the top Chinese percussionist had let the fans to understand other than his powerful dance, but also the different soulful side of Hangeng.

For the dancing and visual aspects, the concert had made a huge breakthrough, using the most advanced and the newest technology of ‘invisible floating LED’, creating a 3D performance of virtual Hangengs dancing with the real one. This section had brought a lot of amazement and stylish feeling to the audiences. This time, they had even invited Michael Jackson’s choreographer to help Hangeng design his dance steps.

At the end, Hangeng sang the song ‘Wings of Love’ with his fans, watching the light sticks waving beneath him, as well as the sincere look of his fans, Hangeng had then broken into tears, bowing to them for so long, and thanked his fans for their support all the time. Thinking about the past of Hangeng, fans were touched, while some cried out too.

During the celebration party that night, Hangeng thanked all the staffs who were working and supporting him behind the stage, stating that cooperating with ‘CASS’* is a joyful experience. That night was the birthday of the musician Cao Binxuan, and Hangeng helped celebrate his birthday, as the brunette was much touched.

* The organizer of the concert

Credits to Sina
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