Donghae “I cried because of Heechul hyung”

On the July 31st broadcast of MBC’s variety show “Quiz that Change the World”, Super Junior Donghae revealed the truth that he has “ever shed tears because of Heechul hyung”.

Donghae said, “Heechul hyung began activities as actor, because (I) found that he has changed slightly, so (I) felt very sad”, “so I told Heechul hyung, ‘Hyung, it seems you have changed and is different from the past, (I) don’t wish to face this hyung’, after saying that, I cried out because I was too sad, in the end Heechul hyung said to me, ‘I felt that I have changed slightly too, thank you for reminding me.'” Hence allowing the whole group to rediscover their team spirit.

Yesung expressed, “Donghae originally likes to cry, when we joked with him a little he would get mad and shed tears,” so Donghae even demonstrated crying on the spot, causing everyone present to laugh heartily.

Source: TV Report
Chinese translation by 小鸭梨@BLG
English translation by
Take out with full credits and DO NOT ADD YOURSELF TO THE CREDITS


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