‘Say No’ MV released; an aesthetic love on a snowy mountain

Hangeng traveling to New Zealand for the MV

Hangeng's interpretation of an aesthetic love

Hangeng Say No MV

Reported by NetEase on 27July

Right after the song Moth into Flame, the MV of another song in Hangeng’s new album ‘Geng Xin’-Say No was first broadcasted in NetEase music channel. The whole MV was shot in New Zealand, using a movie format to describe a touching story of Hangeng searching for his freedom and dream.

The songs that served as ‘Geng Xin’s movie trilogy are Moths into Flame, Say No and Holding onto the Umbrella. The moods and atmosphere of these three songs are used to describe a newborn king. While Moths into Flame is talking about the main character’s (Hangeng) life without freedom but will frustration and pain, and the pressure he gets under the huge spotlight; Say No is about the character falling down the stair because of the reporter’s chase, and managed to sneak out from the hospital, visiting his own dreamland New Zealand. He then met a girl who likes chewing bubblegum, and together experiencing an aesthetic love, as he finally found an exit to freedom for his heart. Holding onto the Umbrella is about Hangeng returning back to his own country, back to his rural life, feeling the happiness and warmth of a simple life. Unfortunately, Hangeng lost his life in an accident, but this foreshadows a start of another new life.

In Say No MV, Hangeng was bare of makeup, showing his real self in the story. In this MV, not only did Hangeng experienced an aesthetic love with a girl, but he was also carried up to the high mountains by a helicopter, experiencing freedom in a icy environment.

It was said that there will be a movie version after these MV trilogy, while this version will provide the audience a more rich and dynamic description of the story’s development. The MVs of the last part Holding onto the Umbrella and the side story Heartache. Notebook will be released in the near future.

Credits to NetEase
Shared and translated by 3unam@sj-world.net

CR VIDEO: GengBaoChannel@youtube.com


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