Yesung “Solo career is possible but I prefer being in Super Junior”

Super Junior and MBLAQ will have a 3 vs 3 confrontation game on Entertainment program ‘Variety World’ aired on SBS E!TV.

In the opening of ‘Variety World’, called ‘Who are you SHOW!”. MBLAQ Seungho, Leejoon, Chundoong and Super Junior Yesung, Shindong, Kyuhyun started off by having their profiles directly investigated and having a short briefing time.

Yesung sang the OST ‘It Has To Be You’ for the drama ‘Cinderella Sister’, showing his brilliant singing skill in ‘Variety World’.

After listening to Yesung’s song, Shin Junghwan PD asked: “You sang really beautifully. Why are you in Super Junior? If you become a soloist I think you can succeed”. Yesung said: “I think that it is possible, but I like being in Super Junior as a team”, his sensible remark showed Super Junior strong team work.

In ‘Wearing a sleeping bag and winning the pillow’ game, senior member Yesung lagged behind other members. Junior members said: “Yesungee hyung’s age makes him move a bit difficultly.”, teasing their hyung.

‘Variety World’ with Super Junior will be broadcast at 0:00am, July 29th on SBS E!TV.

source: here
translated by LaCrymaMosa
Take out with full credit and no additional credit.


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