Vincent Fang help producing Hangeng’s new song; Big production gathered for the new album

After the lawsuit problem, Hangeng’s first individual album ‘Geng Xin’ will be released at the same time in Asia on 27 July, and the day before yesterday, the 10th song of this new album was out. In these past two weeks, My Logo, Wings of Love, Heartache. Notebook were out for the fans, and many of them think that the thing being most concerned in this new album is the grand production team, like Yuan Weiren, Vincent Fang, Di Zi, adding more bonuses to the album ‘Geng Xin’.

New album, bringing along a new style

Many people had been guessing the potentials and social relationship of Hangeng during this time, stating that he maybe won’t sign the contract of the new company, in other words, being boss himself. An insider had proved to the reporters yesterday, saying that “This is highly possible.”

Hangeng will be having a entirely different style in his comeback, as the fans were excited about it. Some of the fans said, “His style in this album will be more mature, he is longer the young boy who jumps around during SJ period.” Reported had found out that, the MVs of the new songs had been well produced by heart, other than Heartache. Notebook, which is claimed by netizens to be the most perfect MV of Hangeng, Moths to Flames, Say No and Holding onto the Umbrella are mostly the same, produced and edited to a flawless stage, as three MVs are turned into 3 movies, conveying a touching story of the rebirth of a new King through music.

Maturity+ Grand production team=New album

The word ‘Mature’ is the overall comments received from numerous musicians. While the styles of songs can highlight the real ability of Hangeng, the grand production team behind is also another highlight of this album.

People had said that the style of Hangeng’s title song My Logo is very similar to that of SJ’s, however, DI Zi had responded that “They are absolutely different because this is a collaboration between different countries musicians, it will surely give people an entirely new feeling. My Logo is a dancing piece, especially with the electrice sounding effect, showing the mighty side of Hangeng on stage.

Towards the partners this time-4 oversea producers, and choreographer of Michael Jackson, TravisPayne, Di Zi said “We had a good time cooperating with each other, actually, these bunch of people are very difficult to invite, I think the reason is that Hangeng’s charisma had gained their interest.”

Wings of Love was composed by a fan

The second title song of Hangeng is Wings of Love. The reason why Hangeng had chosen this song to sing with his fans is because back in 2007, a fan of his created this song. Geng Fans said that Wings of Love was composed by a fan called Shi Lei, but the truth is, the original composer was Shi Lei’s sister, and everyone would call her Lei Lei unnie. Mandy fans who claimed to be close with her stated that this unnie is a very special talented girl, every time when singing to Wings of Love, she will be the first one to appear in their minds.

Yuan Weiren: Hangeng’s interpretation is perfect

The third title song, Heartache. Notebook is said to be the most important song, as Hangeng invited Yuan Weiren and Vincent Fang right after his comeback, fans are mostly feeling emotional too.

Yuan Weiren said “At first, Hangeng came to asked me about the collaboration, according to him, his side was preparing a big collaboration project. Although it’s just a song production, I can see that Hangeng is a very gentle and obedient man. About his old partner Vincent Fang, he also said that “I am very happy to cooperate with Vincent Fang to produce this song, besides; Hangeng’s interpretation is really flawless; we are all satisfied.” As for the future plans, Yuan Weiren only responded they will think about it later on.

According to inner news, Hangeng will be having chanced to coppreate with well known producers, which includes Gao Xiaosong.

Credits to Sina
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