End of Super Junior’s 4th Jib promotions dinner, the reason why Kyuhyun was unhappy is?

Kyuhyun paid reluctantly at the dinner held to celebrate the end of Super Junior’s 4th jib promotions.

On the 25th, Super Junior member Ryeowook revealed on his twitter, a photo of Kyuhyun. In the photo, Kyuhyun was sitting among the members, with an unhappy expression on his face. Ryeowook explained “Want to know the reason behind Kyuhyun’s expression? Please acknowledge it at Heechul hyung’s twitter”. Meanwhile, Heechul posted a tweet in his twitter: “After our last performance keke, we ate 30 portions of meat, steamboat and naengmyeon*. In order to decide who is going to pay the bill, we played rock paper stones.” And at the same time, he revealed a video of Super Junior members playing rock paper stones together with the manager. What actually happened was, Kyuhyun had to return to the dorm halfway through the dinner, and ended up not having even a bite of the meat, but had to pay for the entire dinner in the end, and thus explaining the unhappy expression.

Super Junior performed their last stage on the 25th Inkigayo, and offcially ended their 4th Jib promotion activities.

* korean cold noodles


Shared by: junjyou.순정★ @ SJ-World.net
Korean to chinese translation: Chulian @ Gyuhyunbar
Chinese to english translation: ~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-World.net

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