SuJu’s Shindong to appear in SBS’s

Shindong will be casted in the new SBS mini serial, <Doctor Champion> (directed by Park Hyung Ki) as a role of a Judo athlete. A production representative of <Doctor Champion> stated,” Shindong, as a member from the idol group Super Junior and Shin Donghee the actor who will be meeting viewers at home is not the same. In the show, the appearances of the Judo athletes will be of characters full of vigour and can be related to life scenarios. “

Other Super Junior members like Choi Siwon, Kim Heechul and Kim Kibum have made appearances in dramas and movies, expanding in these areas. Shindong, who is a singer and also processes abilities as a programme MC is now expanding into the area of acting. <Doctor Champion> is about a group of national athletes in the Korea Sports Council Training Centre taking responsibilities. There will be conflicts, reconciliation, friendship and love in this drama. Lee So Yeon has been named the main character, while Shindong will be slated to play the friendly guy in the show.

<Doctor Champion> will be broadcasted after <I am Legend> in October.

Source from sports korea

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Translated by ミ mholic ★


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