[Today’s Recommended Broadcast] “Yoo HeeYeol’s Sketchbook”

▲KBS 2TV <Yoo HeeYeol’s Sketchbook> / (July) 23th 12:35 p.m.
# Super Junior, <Yoo HeeYeol’s Sketchbook> a special stage is being prepared…

<Cinderella’s Stepsister*>’s main theme (song) <It Has To Be You> to start off with (.) Psy’s <Bird> even… Where you can’t see anywhere else (,) you will meet Super Junior’s new image.

q.Firstly, to Super Junior I give you a thankful greeting.. One day I checked my bank account and saw that there was an extremely large amount of money that was put into it.. So I checked to see why, a song called ‘Good Person’ had been re-made by Super Junior.. How could I (,) like this(,) think it was commendable …I will use (the money) well..^^

(Omitted information about JK KimJongWook)

q. When it’s about this time, what song do you sing (for her)?? I will (pretend) to be your girl here we go..
-“Should oppa* sing a song for you??? Listen carefully~~
-HeeYeol:“Super Junior is watching(,) it will become a disturbance..Hang up..*

(Omitted information about missA)

*Name of the drama from KBS World
*Older brother (said by a girl)
*I think this was a little role play by JK Kim Jong Wook and Yoo HeeYeol

Credits: PD Journal
Translated by julzzzz@sj-world.net
Do not take out without FULL credits.

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