Eunhyuk sang lullaby to girlfriend in the middle of the night?

Eunhyuk sang lullaby to girlfriend in the middle of the night?

Title: Eunhyuk created topics when he sang lullaby to girlfriend via video call in the middle of the night

Eunhyuk sent a sweet lullaby to a fan via “Star Call” using video call.

Eunhyuk “Made a goodbye call, why wouldn’t sleep if there isn’t a call”, it is just like making a video call to a girlfriend. “In order to help you sleep well, oppa thinks that a lullaby is needed”, and using a very gentle voice, (he said) “sleep well my baby”, agitating the fans.

While doing Star Call, Sungmin walked past and asked “what is this?” and pretended saying “If the girlfriend won’t answer, (she) is unable to sleep”showing a witty reply. After that, Eunhyuk added “You have to listen to oppa’s words, sleep tight/ well”, and gave a kiss as present.

The fan that received Eunhyuk’s STARCALL video call said “The lullaby is very sweet and I will definitely sleep tight”, “There is no more other wishes in my life after receiving Eunhyuk’s kiss as present”, “If he has girlfriend for real, the girlfriend will definitely sleep well every night” etc.

SOURCE: reviewstar
Credit: FOLLOW
Chinese translation: 小瓜
English translation: minoko2440 @
Translation edited by ★//囧酥餅 @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Take out with full credits and DO NOT ADD YOURSELF TO THE CREDITS


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