Super Junior’s Fee Exposed The Path to Wealth Is Dismal

Super Junior’s Fee Exposed The Path to Wealth Is Dismal; Choi Siwon and Donghae Energetic Dancing Scrambling for Fans in Thailand

The day before yesterday, members from the popular Korean group Super Junior (SJ) held activities separately in two different locations in Thailand and Korea. Recently SJ has been frequently going to China to perform, however, it has been revealed that their performance fee falls short of their juniors from the same company, SNSD.

On the eve of the launch of SJ’s third Asian tour, they are hugely popular in China and are frequently invited to China to perform. Recently an agency publicly announced the performance fee for every group that is currently popular, it was revealed that SJ’s asking price is 400,000 RMB. Within the numerous Korean idols, SNSD’s asking price of 550,000 RMB is the highest, Wonder Girls with their extremely popular song “Nobody” and their juniors 2PM both receive the same payment of 300,000 RMB. As for SS501, FT Island and f(x) their asking price is 200,000 RMB, while Big Bang who rarely hold activities in other regions only receive 20,000 RMB. The list also included Hong Kong and Taiwan idols, the performance remuneration for Twins and Fahrenheit is 700,000 RMB and 400,000 RMB respectively.

Donghae Energetic Dancing Scrambling For Fans
In addition, the day before yesterday, SJ’s members conducted activities separately in Thailand and Korea. Choi Siwon and Donghae both went to Bangkok for promotions for 12PLUS skincare. Siwon shouted “I love you” loudly in Thai, while Donghae did not hold back and danced “Miina” to please fans. As for members Sungmin, Ryeowook and Kyuhun, they remained in Korea and held a fan meeting in Jeonju for the promotion of SJ’s album. In addition, some members of SJ have already been confirmed as performing guests at Kangta’s Beijing concert.

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So by my calculations…
~ 400,000 RMB = 60,000 USD (SJ – approx. 6,000 USD each member, Fahrenheit – approx. 15,000 USD each member)
~ 550,000 RMB = 82,000 USD (SNSD – approx. 9,100 USD each member)
~ 300,000 RMB = 44,000 USD (Wonder Girls – approx 8,800 USD each member, 2PM – approx. 7,300 USD each member)
~ 200,000 RMB = 30,000 USD (SS501 – approx. 6,000 USD each member, FT Island – approx. 6,000 USD each member, f(x) – approx. 6,000 USD each member, Big Bang – approx. 6,000 USD each member)
~ 700,000 RMB = 103,000 USD (Twins – approx 51,500 USD each member)

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