Hangeng thanking his fans during his concert; Jay Chou sending his blessings

On 17 July, Hangeng had his first individual concert in Beijing, after leaving the group, he had his rebirth by appearing with his angel costume at the very beginning, other than showing off his dancing skills, he also sang some of the songs from his album, as well as some cover tracks. The song ‘Under a vast sky’ seems to be like his feelings of bidding goodbye towards his past life, and during his performance of ‘Starry Mood’, he even received a blessing from the original singer Jay Chou. With the support of his fans, Hangeng broke into tears in the chorus part of the last performance, and thanked his fans.

Hangeng as a Resurrected Angel, dancing and singing with 3D technology

During the beginning of the concert, Hangeng, who was wearing his Angel outfit, stepped out from a huge golden sphere, and once he appeared, he started dancing and singing, bringing songs like ‘Moths to Flames’, and the scene of him dancing with a female dancer in the song ‘The Love Letter to a Stranger’ made a lot of fans screamed out loud. And in the in concert, 3D technology was used, letting the real Hangeng dancing four virtual images of him, and with the help of 3 enormous LED screen behind, the effect brought out was very stunning. While he was dancing, Hanging would act cool, wipe his sweat, lift his jacket, and even tearing his clothes, showing that he was really into this performance.

Other than showing off is dancing skills, Hangeng never forgot the singing part. He did not only brought to us the new songs from his new album like a warm and inspiring song ‘Because of Dream’, ‘Holding onto the Umbrella’ which had a Chinese style and an expressive song ‘Say No’, Hangeng also sang his covered version of ‘Love me then don’t leave’, ‘Under the vast sky’ and ‘Starry Mood’. The lyric of ‘Under the vast sky’ seems to be the reflection of Hangeng’s mood, telling a goodbye to his past life. When he was singing this song, Hangeng didn’t seem to care about his vocals, hitting the high notes each time, exposing his rock style.

Jay Chou blessing Geng, secret guest Yuan Weiren came for a duet

After singing ‘Starry Mood’, Hangeng said “I like this song very much, as well as the one who sang this song; I wonder if he likes my singing.” Right after his sentence finished the original singer Jay Chou appeared on the huge screen behind. Other than praising him “It’s not bad”, Jay also mentioned the time when he met Hangeng in Korea back in the time during his promotion, expressing his thankful feeling for meeting an old friend over sea, and lastly, blessed Hangeng’s concert a great success.

Before the opening, the secret guest that Hangeng had mentioned was the person who helped produce the song ‘Heartache. Notebook’-Yuan Weiren. He was holding a guitar in his arms, and stood on the stage with Geng, singing this folk style song. Yuan Weiren joked “If I and the fans fell into the sea, who will you save?” Hangeng smiled and replied “I suppose the fans, you’re too fat, I can’t carry you.” Yuan Weiren immediately asked the fans “If I and Hangeng fell into the sea, who will you guys choose to save?” And the audience responded with their laughter. Other than that, Gillian Chung, Yumiko Cheng, Kenny Kwan, Da Zhou and Xie Nan came to support the show, Hangeng even greeted Kenny a few times, thanking his friend for his support.

Final chorus acting as a tear bomb, Hangeng cried and thanked his fans for their support

As a major decision after his leave, this concert is very important towards Hangeng, and this decision gained a lot of fans’ support. The concert hall was being packed full; there were as well many fans who couldn’t buy the tickets, stood outside the stadium waiting for the show to end. During the concert, every little action of Hangeng made the fans screamed, when the VCR was played, all the people started yelling “ Hangeng Hwaiting!” And when the fans saw Hangeng sweating while dancing, they would cry out “Rest a while first”.

The last song of the concert was ‘Wings of Love’, and at the beginning he said : I haven’t yet sang this song with you, everybody let’s sing along!” But then after singing a few sentence, the cheerful Hangeng started tearing up, kneeling down and wiping away his tears, and lastly, thanking his fans tearfully, crying “I love all of you!”. Majority of the fans were not willing to leave, until the workers came out, announcing the end of the concert.

Credits to Sina
Shared by chunny@sj-world.net
Translated by 3unam@sj-world.net

Pics of the concert Here
Re-uploaded by chunny@sj-world.net


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