Suju Donghae revealed Sungmin’s unique taste of fashion “Sungmin usually enjoy wearing one-piece dress”

Super Junior Sungmin has confessed his problem that girls dont see him as a boy.

On a recent epsidoe of the show MBC “Fantasy couple – Love’s classroom”, Sungmin has complained to Ear Master that “Girls only see me as their good friend”.

After that Sungmin kept emphasizing that he himself is manly but Donghae interrupted him and said “The reason why Sungmin doesnt have a girlfriend is because the one-piece dress”, thus revealing Sungmin’s secrect making him not be able to hide his embarrassment.

Sungmin then said “I want to write a (proposal in) code like Shindong” which made Shindong shy. Also on that day, Sungmin has showed his skill of using a stick as a weapon to the kids.

The show will be aired at 9.25AM on June 27th.

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