Hangeng releases poster for upcoming solo concert in Beijing!

This news will definitely generate a mixture of emotions from fans – it’s been announced that Super Junior’s Hangeng, who has been embroiled in controversy regarding his contract with SM Entertainment for the past few months, will be holding his very own concert in Beijing, China this July!

Last month, officials revealed that Hangeng would be releasing a solo album in Mandarin, so this will mark the next big milestone of his still-blooming solo career. With the words “Hangeng/庚心 (Geng Heart)” boldly written on the left, the posterreveals that the concert will take place on July 17 & 18 at the Beijing Exhibition Theater (北展剧场) at 8PM with tickets ranging 380 yuen ($50 USD) to 1680 yuen ($250 USD). This two-level amphitheater, which is part of the Beijing Exhibition Center in Xizhimen, is one of the largest in the city with 2700 seats and has hosted famous domestic & international productions ranging from classic ballets to Chinese folk dance.

Seeing Hangeng taking so many opportunities without his bandmates of Super Junior is probably bittersweet for many ELFs and Hangeng fans… what do you guys think?

Credit: http://www.allkpop.com


2 Responses

  1. hangeng is awesome!!!
    i see comments of some wondering whether it is ligid all the activities hangengs been doing lately… just saw the video with the chinese lawyer of his lawyers team, the reason why hangeng is able to do all his great work, is because once the court has decided that his contract is not valid anymore, then it is invalid from begin till end, so it doesn’t matter what he’s been doing during the trial… so now we all know it is very ligid what our hangeng is doing!
    the reason that his lawyers team is full of confidence, is because hangeng has signed the same contract as all the other artists that have sued SM and the court has judged their contract as invalid as well…
    hangeng jia you!!!!

  2. bottom line of his lawyers point is: if the very same contract has been judged as invalid, why would they judge differently for hangengs? thats why they are keeping faith in geng’s case and keep fighting SM

    i say: kick SM’s @@s!!!

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