Heechul & Jokwon, double flightiness has saved ‘FO2’

SBS ‘Family Outing 2’ (aka FO2) which was broadcasted on the 13th in the afternoon had an episode where Heechul and Jokwon had a talent show which no one would be able to follow. Their youthfulness has grabbed the attention of the family.

For the grandmothers 100th birthday, for Heechuls talent show, he put make up on for a mustache and he sang Kim Heung Gooks ‘Swallowtail’. He also sang to Kim Heung Gooks ‘Challenge’, ‘Cyber Lover’, etc… and has upgraded the fever, also night next to him, there was Jokwon who has danced to his speciality ‘Kkap Dance (Ssanti)’ and made the whole family burst into laughter.

Following that, Jokwon sung to Lee Jung Hyuns ‘Wa’ and took over the stage. This time, Heechul has put up his hair like Lee Jung Hyun and was comic dancing next to Jokwon which gave more laughter.

These 2 people don’t save their bodies and were called ‘Double Flightiness’ which gave huge laughter and amusement to the family.

The netizens said “No one can follow Heechul and Jokowons entertainment skills”, “Both of them are so funny. If they are together it is not a joke”, “I was grabbing onto my tummy whilst laughing. They definitely are the nations Entertainment idols” etc… and were watching with a lot of amusement.

Translations: Seungeun Lee @ SJ-World
Source: Paran News
Picture: My Daily


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