Photobook pamphlet to be released specially for KRY concert

A photobook pamphlet with photos taken just for the SUPER JUNIOR K.R.Y Special Concert in Japan is now available for preorder.

Order dates are as follows:
From convenience stores – June 11th 2010 / 2pm ~ June 24th 2010 / 5pm
By credit card – June 11th 2010 / 2pm ~ June 30th 2010 / 5pm

A4 size, 32 pages (28 pages + 4 cover pages)
Price: 2500 yen
Delivery charge throughout Japan: 840 yen

Please take note – this photobook will NOT be sold at the concert venue. You do not need to have concert tickets / go to the concert in order to buy this photobook. HOWEVER, they are only shipping within Japan so you need a Japanese address if you want to get it mailed to you by post.

For those going to the concert, you can pick up the photobook pamphlet at the concert venue itself on the day of the concert. For those choosing to get it by mail, they are sending out the books on AUGUST 2ND.

Order it over here:

Source: and Avex Live Creative Japan

Translated by solitair @
Take out with credits.


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