KBS2 entertainment show ‘Dream Team 2′ to be aired in Taiwan

According to the KBS media report, ‘Dream Team 2’ has recently been exported to Taiwan Star TV. Till today, Korea has mostly been exporting dramas and movies. Looking from the point of view that entertainments shows have never been exported, the decision has received encouragement and praise.

Due to the presence of different languages and cultural views, the use of subtitles or voice-overs may not be able to convey the humour (in the show), hence making it a problem when the show is exported. Although ‘Dream Team 2’ is in another language, it is based on the fact that everyone can see the competitor’s spirit, and hence is able to gain the support of many from overseas.

A special mention must also be given to the members of the nation’s most popular groups ‘SHINee, 2PM and Super Junior’ for their enthusiastic looks, which is the source of high viewership rates overseas.

‘Dream Team 2’ is currently facing export problems in Thailand and Japan, (however) it is believed that there would be good news very soon.

Source: SJ baidu bar
Translation: bulletproof@ sj-world.net


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