Heechul finally had some sleep?

Heechul tweeted just 10 minutes ago saying:
( Slept in for the first time in a while!keke)

I believe all of you know who is the mastermind of Super Junior’s refreshing game.
Yes, its him, Kim Hee Chul. He has splashed water on DongHae, ShinDong and Eunhyuk
but nobody has done to him yet. I guess he must be very cautious every now and then
because who knows? One of the members might splash water on him anytime whenever he sleeps. Its good that he gets some sleep although not confirmed whether its indoors or outdoors. I don’t think any members can sleep if the game continues, right?

Credit: Heechul’s twitter.
Reported by Ting18♥@DKP|Shared by: ryeocookie @ SJ-WORLD.NET


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