Bibi Chow’s concert in Beijing, Hangeng and Da Zuo will buy tickets to support her

June 4th, “ First singing of <<亚运有我>>” was performed in Beijing. Being rated as the “King” and “Queen” of the modern music world, Han Geng and Bibi Chow both showed up, (and) famous Taiwan MV director Jinhe Lin personally attend the event (as well). Host Xie Nan and Da Zuo adjusted the atmosphere of the venue to be exceptionally heated. Hearing that Bibi’s concert in Beijing will be kicking off soon, Da Zuo said excitedly he must personally buy a ticket to attend; Han Geng immediately gave him an invitation, hoping to accompany him (Da Zuo), and for them both to be “support” for Bibi’s concert.

Da Zuo announces the “Hangeng, Bibi’s matching a Success”

After hearing about the “feelings” of Hangeng and Bibi, Xie Nan and Da Zuo pretended to “understand” the “hint”, and immediately started “tight” probing, and using many different ways asked about Hangeng and Bibi’s impressions of each other after they first met, and on the spot encouraged both parties to call each other by their pet names, ”Bibi” and “Geng Geng”. Talkative main host Da Zuo also did not forget to tease them, “I now announce the live matching a success.”, and seemed like he wanted to bring the “joke” all the way to the end.

This event is one of big “revelations”, not only were the childhood photos of Han Geng and Bibi Chow revealed, Taiwan MV director had more antics; besides highly praising Hangeng as “Han yi tiao*” of the MV shooting, as well as a “360 degrees no-dead-ends**” actor singer, he also suggested for Han Geng, Bibi Chow to form a two-man group, and gave the group name as “Bi Geng Bu Cuo***”, the fans below were cheering wildly, seemingly to want to bring Bibi Chow and Han Geng up (in terms of popularity) together.

* I have no idea what this means.
** assumed to mean he’s all rounded and will find ways for every situation
*** Bi = Bibi Chow, Geng = Han Geng, Bu Cuo = Not bad, so literally it’s Bibi-Hangeng-Not-Bad.

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Translated by aquamariine28 @
Shared by yeyebaby @
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