Super Junior’s showcase shows off band’s courage; audience sings Korean birthday song to celebrate birthday


Super Junior came to Singapore for the first time yesterday night for a showcase, (and) showed off the courage* of Korean bands; 2000 plus fans were screaming non-stop all the way, and even sang the Korean birthday song to celebrate Ryeowook’s birthday, much to the surprise of the members!

Super Junior, a Korean boyband with red-hot popularity, came for the first time to Singapore yesterday with an invitation from Samsung and Singtel to attend a private showcase.

The tickets for the showcase were very exclusive; besides invited guests and the media, only the first 800 users who bought the Samsung GAlAXY S mobile phone and signed up for the SingTel package were able to receive a pair of tickets. xinmsn also gave out 5 pairs of tickets to 5 lucky readers.

Super Junior released their new album <Bonamana> in April, and is currently busy with promotions. This time they took time out from their busy schedules, their trip was tight; they stayed for less than 10 hours. Going through the airport’s gates, they also went the VIP route, and did not attend any public events.

However, since this was Super Junior’s first trip to Singapore, the fans felt that it was memorable, and it’s a must to leave the best impression on their idols. Thus, everybody brought out all their weapons** and, no matter queuing overnight to get a good spot or hiring vans to stalk their idols, did not let any chance go.

During the showcase, Super Junior performed 5 songs, including the all-familiar <Sorry, Sorry> and the new song <Bonamana>, and thus making the audience crazy.

Regarding the fans’ warmth, Super Junior was quite pleased, it was smiles all around, Siwon even expressed his love for everyone in English, “You guys are all very thoughtful, I love you all, you guys made me feel very touched.”

The special thing was, because member Ryeowook will be celebrating his 23rd birthday on June 21st, the organizing committee also specially arranged for a piano-shaped cake to celebrate his birthday; the fans also sang the Korean version of Happy Birthday, leading to the surprise of everyone.

Quiet Ryeowook happily made a wish, hoping to come to Singapore for a concert or a fanmeet. (I) believe this is also the wishes of local fans!

* I don’t know why courage was used…
** literally means like, bringing out whatever skills, or hidden/magical weapons they have, means to go all out.^^

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