Announcement from SJ Japan Staff for those going to the KRY concert, DOs/Do NOTs for the 100801 KRY concert for those who are going

To All Fans who have managed to get tickets for the August 1 2010 SUPER JUNIOR K.R.Y SPECIAL CONCERT in JAPAN

To everyone who always supports SUPER JUNIOR, we are truly grateful and thankful towards you.
We would like to ask for the cooperation of everyone who managed to obtain the tickets for the 100801 concert to please take note of the ‘concert manners’ that should be followed for this event. Please follow the guidelines below and let’s make the first SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y concert in Japan a success together!

■With regards to following and/or waiting for SUPER JUNIOR
Following the band by public transport, car or bike is prohibited (T/N: Basically NO STALKING the boys)
-There is a possibility that accidents could occur if you follow the vehicle that SUPER JUNIOR will be travelling in, and this will also cause trouble for others, so please do not do this.

Waiting at transportation areas and venues for them to arrive is prohibited (for the airport/hotel)
– There is a possibility that accidents could occur involving others non-related to SUPER JUNIOR and co. if you wait in busy transportation areas and the hotel and this could also cause trouble for others, so please do not do this.

– Boards, balloons and bringing penlights and fluorescent items that are not officially distributed is strictly prohibited.
(T/N: Official penlights in this context refers to the penlights that concert goers will get at the door before they enter the concert hall. These penlights are definitely different from those used in concerts in other countries eg. during Super Show 2)

– If you wish to bring in uchiwa* and towels to support the members, please make sure that the highest height you hold these items to is chest level. Holding these above chest level or waving the uchiwa/towel around will disturb other people attending the concert and cause trouble to others, including the possibility of injury. Also, bringing in large boards, banners, balloons, unofficial goods, and large fanmade uchiwas into the concert hall is strictly prohibited.
(T/N: Uchiwas refer to fans that are normally seen during concerts Japan, that typically have one’s favourite member on it, or some written message on it used to support the boys. For examples, just google XD)

– The production/sales/distribution of goods that have the SUPER JUNIOR logo or any of their images without permission is strictly prohibited. These may be confused with official merchandise, so please refrain from doing so.

– During the concert, please do not change your seat, move around and walk around the aisles. This will cause trouble to others around you and injury/accidents may occur. Please do not do so.

– Filming and audio recordings within the concert hall is against the law. If you are found filming or recording during the concert, you may be escorted out of the hall. Violation of the law could involve a police inquiry of your personal identity and even going to court. If you see someone around you doing this, please report this to a staff member nearby. On the day of the concerts, there will be a camera check for all bags. To make the camera check faster and smoother for everyone involved, please hand your cameras over to the staff for safekeeping. (T/N: Japan REALLY is pretty strict on this!)

– Recently, photographs that were taken illegally during concerts are being sold in various places by malicious merchants. These are NOT OFFICIAL GOODS, nor have they been approved of by the company, so to all fans, please do not buy from them. Both the organizers and the police are taking steps to prevent this from happening, but we would like to ask for your cooperation to help by not buying from them as well.

– For now, we are unable to accept any gifts or presents to the members. If you wish to send letters or presents to the members, please address them to the address provided below. As it may take a considerable amount of time for the presents to reach the members, it is with great regret that we inform you to please DO NOT send food items.

エイベックスビル4F エイベックス・ライヴ・クリエイティヴ株式会社
SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y.コンサート プレゼント係

(Romaji version/translated version)
SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y Concert Presents
Avex Building, 4F, Avex Live Creative Corporation
Minami Aoyama 3-1-13, Minato-ku, Tokyo-to
Postcode 107-0062

(T/N: I highly recommend writing out the Japanese address rather than the romaji one.)

– Please be warned in advance that we will not accept flower stands/bouquets for individual members and/or the dressing room.

– Filming may be carried out during the concert by staff. Please be warned in advance.

– Please follow instructions given by staff members at all times. The organizers will not be held responsible for any mishap, accidents or incidents that occur if instructions are not followed.

To everyone who is participating in this concert, our hearts are all connected to make this concert a success.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation

From all of the SUPER JUNIOR Japan Staff

Source: Avex Live Creative Japan
Translated by solitair at


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