4minute girls bow to Heechul’s greatness?

Although Heechul’s merely 26-years old of age, he’s considered to be one of the highest senior singer in the world of idols. This was proven once again today through a picture posted on the official website of his SBS radio program, Kim Heechul’s Young Street.

In the photo, it seems like 4minute girls―the special guest stars of the week―are bowing to Heechul in unison, as if he was some kind of a godlike figure.

According to the captions included for the photo up top, the girls’ first impression of the man was full of fear (in a joking way) that they were determined to greet him well in the future, as a mark of respect for him.

To feed the validity of 4minute’s statement on how superior Kim Heechul can be in front of newbies, the superstar posed in front of camera to capture two different sides of himself: the angelic Heechul, and the devilish Heechul.

Heechul just never fails to amaze us, don’t you agree?

Credit: http://www.allkpop.com


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